Services To Make Your Business Dementia Friendly

Dementia-Friendly Business Certification

We provide Dementia Awareness Certification and Training for business owners, employees, volunteers, first responders, group members and others dedicated to improving the quality of life for those with dementia. Program Certification includes Education and Training course, as well as general consultant services including environmental modification recommendations.

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Services To Make Your Business Dementia Friendly

We provide awareness and educational training about the effects of dementia, ways to modify interactions in different settings and handle behaviors to create a safe place for those affected by dementia to promote respect, quality of life and health in the community.

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Consulting Services

We recommend environmental changes and behavioral approaches to create a safe place for those suffering from dementia to interact with the public which promotes a high level of safety, creates a feeling of inclusiveness and overall peace of mind for caregivers and those afflicted with dementia to be able to navigate in the community without fear. The backbone of these consultations is to have interactions that are dementia-friendly and to have all participants actively engaged in their communities.

Terri’s presentation at a local dentist office for Dementia-Friendly Certification

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