What are the advantages of being a Dementia-Friendly Business?

Competitive Advantage

There are 80 million Baby Boomers in the US currently, with aging-related issues affecting all aspects of their lives. Research shows that 83% of people with memory problems have switched their shopping habits to places that are more accessible (Alzheimer’s Society, 2013). Becoming dementia-friendly will enable businesses to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Studies have also shown the importance of socialization in the elderly and those affected by dementia to promote health and quality of life.

Increased Revenue

Baby Boomers tend to be brand-loyal, particularly if your business caters to those with dementia and/or age-related issues through products, environment, targeted marketing and education about age-related health conditions. There are approximately 5.7 million people in the US with dementia, with this number continuing to escalate as this generation ages. Dementia affects family, workplace, home and many business sectors.

Improved Customer Service

Our certification program will include dementia and aging-related training for your staff, as well as an assessment of the business environment to make it more dementia-friendly. Increased knowledge and awareness of dementia will make staff more confident when dealing with all customers. They will have a greater understanding of potential triggers, and as a result will be able to provide better customer service and reduce the number of complaints on similar issues.

Enhanced Brand Reputation

Our Dementia-Friendly Business (DFB) Credential will show your business’ dedication to serving its aging customers and those affected by dementia. It will show that your business has social awareness that can be actively promoted to reach out to target audiences.


By making changes now, businesses will be anticipating a growing need from aging customers and staff. This will also be an area of future business growth, as Baby Boomers have health concerns with aging parents as well as themselves.