Dementia Personal Consulting Services

Are you a new caregiver or just received a Dementia diagnosis and not sure what to do? Terri Brandley has over 30 years of experience as a registered nurse and case manager with expertise in dementia and aging. She can help you with navigating the medical system, getting help, be a support system, offer suggestions, recommend environment changes to be more Dementia-Friendly and more.  We offer individual sessions or packages to help with this difficult time in you and your loved one’s life.


This service might be for you if:

  • You don’t know what to expect.

  • You need answers to questions about dementia.

  • You need help deciphering what the medical professionals are (or are not) saying.

  • You need help setting up your loved one’s home environment in a Dementia-Friendly way.

  • You are overwhelmed as a new caregiver .

  • You need help with finding resources.

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“In the recent few months, I have had to become a caregiver for my father who is in the early stages of
dementia.  Terri has been an invaluable resource during this time.  When my father started exhibiting new behaviors, I have been able to call Terri to discuss these.  In most cases, the behaviors of my father are typical of someone with dementia. It is a comfort to have someone such as Terri, who is extremely knowledgeable of dementia.  My father and I went to see a doctor, who did a great job of explaining his findings while we were there, but a few days later some questions arose on my part.  I was able to contact Terri who answered all of my questions.  I can't imagine navigating my way through being a caregiver for someone with dementia without the assistance of someone like Terri.”


- Julie Cooper


“I can’t say enough about the help that Terri Brandley provided to my family while my mom was suffering from dementia toward the end of her life. Terri was able to help us not only understand what was happening with my mom but also helped us understand all the medical jargon we were being inundated with at a very stressful time. Her caring nature made all the difference and provided us with the solace that we had done all we could to ensure my mom received the best possible end of life care. You will find no one better able to help you out!”


- John Wilczynski